“I came to the clinic for pain in my right hand. I was told I had arthritis by my doctor. After a few visits I am able to use my right hand to do things I haven’t been able to do in a long time. I have no pain anymore. As you can see I am writing this.”

Donna P


“When I first came here I had pain in my lower back. As of today, my pain is 80% gone. I would recommend this to everyone who has pain problems. It is a very good experience. The people here are very caring & enjoy what they do. They are excellent in what they do.”

Jo M


“I came to the Center for foot pain. It was so bad at the end of the day my feet hurt so bad I could hardly walk without cringing. After 5 months of treatment my feet are pain free. Everyone at the Center was really helpful.”

Ron C


“After doing acupuncture I feel better. My body feels refreshed. I love all the people that have helped me. My muscles are more flexible and I feel better every time I leave the Center.”

Kha B


“I had not been feeling well for quite some time. I was always tired, my upper and lower back hurt, and I couldn’t walk well. All of that made exercise difficult. The main problem seemed to be pain in my ankle. My feet have always rolled inward. As a child, it didn’t hurt. As I’ve gotten older, the pain had gotten very bad. Over five years ago, I tried to “fix” these problems. I started with a podiatrist who wanted to slice up the tendons in my legs as they were too tight — thus pulling my feet inward. I then tried a few chiropractors, a couple massage therapists, and was seriously considering going back to the surgeon to be sliced and diced when I found acupuncture. My back pain is totally gone and they are able to relieve my ankle pain, sometimes for up to a month. I hate needles, but this is worth it.”

Bonnie M


“When I first came to the Acupuncture and Wellness Center, I had a variety of aches & pains, hands & feet that were always cold, and barely enough energy to get through the day. I wasn’t sure acupuncture would work, but nothing else was, so I was willing to give it a try. Within the first few treatments, I was amazed at how much better I felt — chronic neck pain was gone, and I could accomplish much more. Now, almost 6 months later, I feel 20 years younger. I’m eating better, exercising regularly, and am free of many of the problems I had when I first came in. Even chronic conditions have stabilized. I’ve been amazed — and now I’m a big proponent of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.”

Beth S


“One of the best things happened for me when my son talked me into trying the Acupuncture and Wellness Center! I had many symptoms including chronic back and neck pain, menopause, weight gain, stomach acid, insomnia, and fatigue / low energy. Acupuncture and massage therapy have taken care of the chronic back and neck pain, insomnia and fatigue / low energy, coupled with taking a combination of Chinese herbs. I no longer have problems with stomach acid either or menopause related symptoms. An herbal cleanse aided with cleansing my liver and losing weight — I feel better than I have in years and look forward to continual improvement. The staff is wonderful to work with. Thanks for all you’re doing!”

Holly M


“I came to the clinic after seeing a story about acupuncture during the Olympics. I had suffered daily headaches for years. I had tried many traditional treatments for persistent tendonitis. I never went anywhere without Tylenol or Motrin. After 5 months of Traditional Chinese Medicine many of my aches and pains are gone or very diminished. The daily headaches are gone and when I do get one I can usually get by without medication. My overall feeling of wellness has improved and I’ve lost 12 pounds. My anxiety is under control and I even started taking horseback riding lessons! Thank you all from your great office staff to your wonderful acupuncturists!”

Lynn S


“I came into the Acupuncture and Wellness Center to be treated for many things including dizziness. I found that through the years the number of medications I was on had increased and I was always taking them. Last year I had severe pneumonia 3 times. I am now off of all medications and have not taken any inhalers or steroids to be able to breathe. I have energy that I can’t remember ever having and am able to accomplish more and stay up past 8:00pm!”

Mary Jo J


“I have had low back pain for most of my life. Between the sports related injuries and the car accidents, low back pain became a daily norm. I had seen chiropractors, MD’s, PA’s, Ortho’s, and everyone in between. I met Bob at a Silverdale Chamber lunch. After feeling my radial pulse for only a few minutes, Bob said “I can fix you”. And he has. After 4 weeks of treatment, my back pain is almost completely gone. I have had more pain free days in the past few weeks that the past year. Thanks to everyone at the clinic!”

Michael G


“Acupuncture has helped me to overcome difficulties in being able to breathe deeply — getting enough air. It has also helped improve organ health such as the liver and heart, as seen in a calmer, less stressed outlook. The herbs have spectacularly regulated hormone production — namely reduced or practically eliminated the hot flashes which had been a serious problem for about 25 years! The eyes have also improved somewhat in both vision and less dryness. After two years I now want to continue on a maintenance program.”

Mary P


“My treatments were and are still wonderful! My pains are gone: Knee Lower back Medications decreased. Yeah! Front office staff is very pleasant & fun. They remember you. The technical staff is great! Also they are personable and friendly. The experience is Great, Wonderful, and most helpful to a sore body.”

Dawn W


“On March 12, 2014, I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my C-1 (atlas) vertebra in four places. At my follow-up visit, the neurosurgeon at Harborview told me that at my age (86) and with a lack of bone density, my neck probably would not heal and that I would have to wear the hard plastic Miami-J neck brace for the rest of my life. My daughter was not willing to take this as a final answer. She has been seeing Bob Doane at the Acupuncture and Wellness Center for several years, and she asked Bob if he thought he could help me. Bob thought there was no reason why he couldn’t help. I told Bob that I did not want acupuncture as a treatment. He said that he could treat me with herbs if that were my choice. He prescribed an herbal formula designed to promote circulation in the neck area. The doctors at Harborview would not prescribe a cat scan of my neck because I told them that I wouldn’t let them operate on my neck. My daughter wanted to get a second opinion, so I asked my internal medicine doctor in Bremerton for a referral. A neurosurgeon from Swedish Hospital, who comes to Bremerton periodically, agreed to see me. He looked at my latest x-rays that still showed four breaks and agreed with the diagnosis of the doctor from Harborview, but he ordered a cat scan of my neck. Several days later, the neurosurgeon from Swedish called my daughter and told her that he had checked twice to make sure that he had the results for the right patient, but that my neck had completely healed. He called it a miracle, and I think he is right. I am sure that the herbal treatment I received greatly aided my recovery if it was not totally responsible for it. I am currently on a treatment plan, and some of the things I have noticed is that the constant burning pain in my knee is gone, my balance problem is gone, my sleep at night has improved dramatically, and I can get up from a sitting position in one try where previously it would take me several attempts to get from a seated to a standing position. I don’t believe this is a coincidence; I believe that my herbal treatment has helped to improve my physical condition. Thank you, Bob, for not giving up on me when the medical community had. My quality of life has improved thanks to you.”

Loris C


“I am so lucky to have encountered Acupuncture & Wellness Center and I am glad that I decided to undergo acupuncture and Chinese herb treatments. I have attended the Center for 3 months, so far, and I can honestly say that I feel almost 100% back to normal! It is a decision I will never regret. Without health life can not be enjoyed. The people who work at the Center make it that more enjoyable. They are supportive and kind. The place itself is soothing to the soul. It emits a tranquil and calming ambiance and this helps in making my experience with the Center a very very positive one.”

Marlene W


“I have just walked down the stairs in this building (or any stairs) for the first time — alternating feet — with no pain or discomfort — I have not been able to do that in a very long time! It felt awesome! I am improving “baby steps” — but today felt like a giant leap in a positive direction — thanks to all the wonderful staff!”

Cheryl B


“Dear Bob, I lived with a “burning” sensation on my face for 7 years after having been diagnosed with Idiopathic Neuralgia. I took the medicine prescribed by my neurologist, the maximum daily amount of Neurontin and the maximum daily amount of Tegretol. For nearly a year I felt pretty good. But then the pain (the burning) was slowly returning. I asked each of my doctors — GP, neurologist, OB-GYN, dermatologist, rheumatologist (he’s treating me for Sjogren’s) — if this “burning” sensation could be from a problem other than neuralgia. No one had an answer for me. By December, 2009 I was having a terrible time with the burning and my eyes were extremely light sensitive. So sensitive that I couldn’t keep my eyes open in an office environment. I had to have been one of your most skeptical patients. But at the same time I felt that God had led me to you and that you were my last hope for relief. So when my husband refused to pay for treatment because he was so skeptical about acupuncture, I ponied up the funds on my own. So I signed up. You thought you could achieve 50% improvement — maybe more. I stuck with it (pun intended!) for the first few weeks, even though I hadn’t noticed any improvement. About a month later I started to feel better. The burning sensation was less intense and not as frequent. My face even felt cold at times! Then it was time to start getting off the meds. Boy, was I scared about that! The fear of the pain returning was immense. But you continued to assure me that you’d take care of the pain, so I put my trust in you. Three months later I was off all the meds and feeling completely normal. No pain. No living by the clock to take meds. Just living a normal, pain-free life once again after 7 years of burning facial pain. You were actually up front with me when you said 50% improvement — maybe more — was doable. So when I actually reached 100% improvement I was more than ecstatic! “Thank you” seems so insignificant compared to how my life has improved. My gratitude runs very deep and my thanks are many. I hope you will continue your practice for many years so others may have a chance to experience a similar life-altering healing like you provided me.”

Diane S


“I have had several medical conditions that I came to the clinic with that are now no longer causing me any problems. The first issue that I had, and it was the first issue to go, was sinus congestion. I would wake up in the mornings with congestion and would have to blow my runny nose for most of the morning. After my treatments here at the clinic, my sinus congestion is gone! It is not a question of it being a percentage better. The condition is gone! I also feel much more energy than I have had in years. I feel better in everything that I do. They take good care of you here and are interested in you as a person not just a patient. I look forward to my visits.”

David J


“After learning that I had inflammation of my arteries, a friend recommended I try the Acupuncture and Wellness Center. She experienced great success! I received a thorough intake, education about acupuncture, and then a plan for my treatment. In one month my inflammation decreased to normal. I continue to follow my treatment plan to assure that I stay in the healthy range over time. I appreciate the expertise I received from so many staff here at the Wellness Center. I’ve learned a lot Thanks.”

Ilse D


“I first met Bob at the Wedding Expo in 2008. I was a vendor at a neighboring booth, and I was very intrigued by their sign that stated “Chinese Pulse Diagnosis”. At the end of the day, before all of the booths were torn down, I approached them and got my pulse diagnosed. I was amazed at what Bob told me. He confirmed medical conditions that I knew I had, but he also told me about medical conditions I DIDN’T know I had. I was hooked. My biggest complaint at the time was a shoulder injury I had sustained in September of the previous year, and was still having daily pain from it. I was doing physical therapy at home, but range of motion was still limited and some days the pain was quite intense. After my initial consultation and my first three acupuncture treatments, where I had gotten PAIN relief in my shoulder, I knew I needed to continue with their program. My faith in Western medicine had been declining over the years anyway, so why not try it? I’m glad I did. Now we’re in January 2009, and I have so much to be thankful for. My shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore, I’ve made new friends, I’ve learned a little about Chinese medicine (there’s still so much more to learn), the herbs don’t always taste bad, and while I still don’t really like the needles, I understand a little more about how they work and I’m grateful that they work for me. It’s always good to try something new. You never know when you might hit on a gold mine. I know I did!”

Cindy K


“I am so excited! I have been coming here since October 2014. We have been working on tension in my neck and stress management. A couple appointment ago I mentioned my lock jaw issue. Bob and Emily nailed it! In two, yes two treatments my jaw was released! Miracles do happen. For years I have struggled with this. Amen! I am so happy I just want to cry. I will settle for telling the world how excited I am. Thank you!”

Andrea G


“I was introduced to the Wellness Center at a Health Fair in October 2008. This peaked my interest since experiencing back pain of varying intensity for nearly 30 years. This past year pain had also settled in my hip & knee. My decision to come to the Wellness Center has far exceeded my expectations. After the first session I was pain free for 2 hours. The second treatment pain free for nearly 2 days!! The pain level returned greatly reduced in intensity. How wonderful after years of chronic discomfort. Additional bonuses have resulted from these sessions: Ability to roll over in bed without the use of holding onto my headboard & extreme discomfort Ability to put socks & shoes on comfortably Able to get out of the car without holding onto the door I now am able to stand after sitting without extreme discomfort & begin walking without needing to adjust my spine to a specific direction I’m sleeping more after years of sleep deprivation These results are fantastic to me. I am committed to following whatever it takes to improve my health. Many thanks to Bob Doane & his great staff for their passion & dedication!!!”

Mary G


“I was referred to the clinic by my boss for abdominal cramps — and was amazed that my first treatment here made them disappear completely! So…my next scheduled appointment since my pain was gone — I had horrible blisters on my feet from new shoes…So Bob said, “Let’s see what we can do about that!” He relieved the pain from the blisters almost instantaneously (they hurt so bad) and the next morning they were almost entirely healed. =)”

Carmen G


“I came to the Wellness Clinic on the advice of a friend who had great success in the treatment of her painful knees at the Clinic. When I arrived for my initial consult in January, it was all I could do to walk from the parking lot to the office and flop in a chair. I came for pain relief and found that and so much more. From January to now (early March), treatment has reduced the pain in my knees by at least 90%. I am doing things that I haven’t been able to do in years, including exercising. Coupled with that, the whole health treatment has given me new life. My energy level has increased dramatically. I no longer have that dragged out feeling where it is an effort to move from the recliner to the kitchen for a cup of tea. I have lost more than 30 pounds. I sleep better, relax more, and enjoy life again. Steve asked me last week how I was doing. I told him, “If I was any better, I’d have to pay to be me!” My wife is jealous and thinks that I am getting younger while she is getting older. Bob, I give you my most sincere thanks for the treatment, the staff, the care, the help, and the understanding received by me at the Clinic. I hope someday to provide someone else the fantastic favor that my friend gave me in recommending the Wellness Center. God Bless.”

Louis C


“I have been a patient of Acupuncture and Wellness Center since October 2008. I went in with many problems which were sore back, pain in my knees, shoulder pain, headaches, sinus problems, painful cramping in my right leg, and some minor issues. The staff and Acupuncturists at the Center are very helpful and pleasant to work with. They explain the issues I have and are always concerned with how I am feeling. Since I have been going all of my issues have been cleared up or been reduced to just minor soreness occasionally. This has been in just a short 5 month program. I also have been on the Herb program which taste awful but seems to work. I appreciate all the help I have received at the Center and would like to say it has made me feel much better.”

Wayne H


“I had been struggling with acne for 5-6 years before I began treatment at the Acupuncture and Wellness Center. Over those years, the acne had just been growing worse and worse until I was almost ashamed to be out in public. With treatment and herbs, my skin and my overall health have been steadily improving over the past few months. Now that my skin is almost completely clear, I can’t wait to see what the next month will bring.”

Desirae R


“I came in with a diagnosis from my Western doctors of a major arthritic condition of my left hip, anemia, high pain levels, diabetes, and cirrhosis of the liver. Although I continued with my doctors on my hip since it had been removed due to osteomylitis, I began having the Wellness Center treat my other conditions. Within 2 months, they had accomplished the following: Reduced pain levels by 90% Reduced my diabetic drugs by 50% Stabilized all of my blood chemistry Increased my energy levels Reduced Edema by 90% These results even began to call into question the basic assumption of cirrhosis of the liver (NASH). I received the best treatment from the staff and center and recommend them whole-heartedly for chronic conditions. In addition, they worked with my Western doctors to ensure the very best in care.”

Jay M

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