Cauliflower puree with olive oil, spices and thyme on a wooden table

Delicious Mashed Cauliflower

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Let’s face it: mashed potatoes are a staple at many holiday tables. They’re comforting, warm, and usually full of butter which make them even more enticing. The only thing is: they can skyrocket your blood sugar. So what’s the alternative? This fantastic dish from Well Fed, that replaces potatoes with cauliflower. You’re welcome!

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lamb meatballs

Mediterranean Lamb Meatballs with Cauliflower Pilaf

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Granted, lamb is an acquired taste, and with a powerful flavor it’s not always everyone’s favorite. But there’s a way to combat its unique profile by zhushing it up with herbs and spices. This recipe from Tasteaholics lets you get a hearty portion of meat protein and you can still enjoy the “rice” as it’s completely veggie. […]

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