Acupuncture Reduces Hot Flashes For 50% Of Women

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Women going through menopause can expect to experience a number of side-effects. Night sweats and hot flashes are two of the most common, and new research now shows that up to half of women treated found that acupuncture alleviate the hot flashes.

The study, published in Menopause Journal, showed approximately half of the women involved noted a reduction in the amount of hot flashes. The other half did not. “Women bothered by hot flashes and night sweats may want to give acupuncture a try as a relatively low-cost, low-risk treatment,” said Nancy Avis, Ph.D., lead author of the study and professor of Public Health Sciences at Wake Forest School of Medicine, a part of Wake Forest Baptist.

Researchers examined 209 perimenopausal and postmenopausal women between the ages of 45 and 60 who experienced an average of at least four hot flashes per day. Of the 170 women who received acupuncture, nearly 12 percent enjoyed an 85 percent reduction in hot flashes by the eighth week of the study. Nearly half reported a nearly 50 percent reduction over the same time period.

The study hails from the same team of researchers who published an article in Menopause Journal earlier this year, showing a 36.7% drop in hot flashes and night sweats in menopausal women who received acupuncture treatments over the course of six months.

“Women will know pretty quickly if acupuncture will work for them. Women who had a reduction in their hot flashes saw a benefit beginning after about three to four weeks of weekly treatments,” Avis explained.

This is not uncommon – at the Acupuncture & Wellness Center, part of our mission to helping patients is first making sure they respond to treatment. More often than not, we have tremendous success with helping reduce the frequency of night sweats and hot flashes.


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