Bob’s 10 Tips For A Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

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It’s that time of year to enjoy life, kick back and celebrate with family and friends. It’s also easy to become overwhelmed. “It’s the holidays!” you think, digging into another helping of pie to stave off the stress of the season. We know, it’s tough to say no when you deserve a treat! Those simple pleasures don’t need to be chocolate-coated, however. Here’s Bob’s 10 tips for a healthy holiday season.

1. If you find yourself overeating during the holidays overeat with the meat or animal protein. This will insure that you do not gain weight. Your meals should be composed of lots of vegetables and animal protein. Avoid the simple carbs like potatoes, bread, pasta, etc.

2. Do not get chilled. It is very easy to catch a cold over the holidays.

3. Do not drink very cold liquids. This is a sure fire way to catch a cold.

4. Get plenty of rest. If you stay up late one night go to bed early the next night.

5. Fill your heart with love and thankfulness. No disease can penetrate a loving heart.

6. Develop a habit of sitting quietly for 20 minutes twice a day. Watch your breathing and relax. It’s very healthy to do this regularly.

7. Stop worrying about what you do. Most mature people know intuitively they have no control over events. Relax things are just happening. Try and do the right thing but don’t take the outcome so serious. It’s not your fault.

8. Most illnesses come from chronic overconsumption of sugary food. Leave the dinner table a little hungry. You will live longer.

9. Believe in something beyond yourself or politics. Faith is a great restorer of health. Patients who have strong religious beliefs always get better.

10. Be thankful for your friends and loved ones. They help you more than you know. Embrace the Christmas season. It is a time to reflect on how lucky we really are to be living in this amazing country.

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