Chronic Fatigue

In the State of Washington, an East Asian Medical Practitioner is not legally permitted to prescribe or adjust a patient’s medication. What we do find is that doctors are quite amenable when it comes to adjusting prescriptions.

If the fatigue is not drug-related, then Chinese medicine is an excellent solution. Either the patient has too much toxicity in their system, or they are simply devoid of nutrients and low-level anemia is present. In either case, these problems can be improved using Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and nutritional counseling.

An analogy we often use is one of a garden hose which has no water coming out at the nozzle. Either the hose is pinched (too much toxicity) causing a reduction in water flow, or there simply is not enough water in the hose (weakness and anemia). Even though the complaint, fatigue, is the same for both problems, the methods of fixing the problems are completely different.


There is no evidence in the United States or in China that Chinese Medicine can remove cancer from the body. What we can do is help strengthen the immune system while a patient is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. Western Medicine is capable of killing cancer, but unfortunately these caustic approaches also harm the body’s immune system; and because the immune system is weakened, the cancer may return. Chinese Medicine has proven itself to be effective in strengthening the body’s immune system and restoring vitality to the patient, even those who are currently undergoing Western medical treatment for cancer, or for those who have finished chemotherapy and radiation.


Over the years we have treated quite a few cases of chronic hepatitis or Hepatitis C. The results have been very encouraging. In the cases we have treated there has been a statistically significant improvement in liver function as measured by Western medical tests. For this reason, there are medical doctors in Washington state and throughout the country who refer patients to Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics for the treatment of liver diseases.

Urinary Incontinence

Clinically we see two types of urinary incontinence. One type involves a low-level bladder irritation or infection. This type responds well to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The other type comes under the category of a “Deficiency” in Chinese Medicine, and unfortunately takes a longer time for a response to treatment.  Patients can expect to see an improvement in several months if their condition is not too drastic.

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