Drinking Diet Soda Raises Heart Failure Risk

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No one is likely to be shocked to hear that diet soda is not good for you. The days of believing that no-calorie equals health food are long over. But current studies on the effects of regular diet drink consumption reveal even greater dangers than were previously discussed.

This year, a major study in Sweden was published showing the results of monitoring more than 42,000 men and their fizzy drink habits for more than 12 years. By the end of the 12 year period, it was concluded that men who drink two or more sodas each day face a 23% increased risk for heart failure.  And although the research was strictly focused on men’s health and behaviors, researchers suggest that a similar trend may apply to women as well.

While other lifestyle factors were accounted for, there is no denying that this could very well be a significant part of the equation. A few years ago, Harvard Medical School published an article summarizing an American study pointing out very similar results. This one followed New Yorkers of both genders for 10 years and analyzed the increased heart failure risk in terms of diet soda consumption.

Both studies point to the unknowns as readily as the early conclusions. There are a number of lifestyle and environmental factors at play that have yet to be rigorously studied. Additionally, researchers have yet to pin point exactly what it is about diet sodas that have such a detrimental effect.

What is clear, however, is that over-consumption is dangerous when it becomes a regular part of our diet. Whatever the specific factors, we all know that there are far healthier things to drink. And while modern medical science is tasked with furthering our understanding of toxins and their effects in the body, we might all do well to steer clear of contentious beverages.

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