Ear Acupuncture Proven Once Again To Be Effective At Pain Relief

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Our main modes of treatment at the clinic involve the two cornerstone elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine – acupuncture and herbal formulas. Combined those treatments provide solutions to the hundreds of thousands of health complaints we’ve addressed since opening our doors. But for some, the idea of needles placed in various locations on the body can be a little daunting.

Auricular acupuncture – also known as ear acupuncture –  can be an easier treatment to adjust to, as no needles go into the main part of the body. It involves very thin, small ones in the ear, leaving the rest of the body to move freely while you rest.

Previous research has shown that auricular acupressure reduces chemotherapy side-effects, and lessens lower back pain.

A team of researchers has analyzed a series of existing studies to determine whether any patterns exist concerning the efficacy of ear acupuncture. Published in Pain Medicine Journal, the meta-analysis involved ten studies which aimed to provide participants with immediate pain relief. Results showed that ear acupuncture is a viable alternative to existing fast-acting pain relief methods.

“Six studies showed EA being superior to its comparator, three showed no difference to comparators (which in all cases were analgesics), and one study showed significant pain decrease at the first time point and no significant decrease at the second,” the study reads.

“Ear acupuncture may be a promising modality to be used for pain reduction within 48?hours, with a low side effect profile,” the authors conclude.

This meta analysis shows that ear acupuncture can be very effective in not just pain management, but an instant reduction in pain. At the clinic, we also provide ear acupressure that’s an effective way to deliver treatment to patients after they’ve left the clinic. By placing seeds in the ear that can stay in around the clock, helping to keep the pain relief more constant, patients can elongate their pain-relieving therapy. If you suffer from chronic pain, call us today to schedule your appointment and to learn more about how ear acupuncture can benefit you.

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  1. I have been experiencing pain in my ear, and I heard that acupuncture can help eliminate pain. It’s great to learn that ear acupuncture can be an alternative method for fast-acting pain relief. It’s also interesting to know that ear acupuncture can also be an instant solution for reducing pain.

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