Full-Fat Dairy Is Linked To Reduced Diabetes Risk

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Currently the number of people in the United States with type 2 diabetes is 29 million. That’s approximately 9.3% of the population. That amount is on the rise as the American Diabetes Association estimates that each year an additional 1.4 million are diagnosed with many more that remain undiagnosed.

Since the 1950s there have been many approaches to tackling the epidemic –  the prevailing recommendation in combating diabetes is a low-fat diet. However, recent research published in the American Heart Journal supports the exact opposite: a diet rich in full-fat dairy can in fact lower a person’s chances of becoming diabetic.

Over the course of two decades beginning in 1989, 3,333 adults between the ages of 35 and 79 were studied by researchers who discovered a link between full-fat products consumed and a lower risk of diabetes. The participants were divided into two groups – and the one which included dairy fat showed a reduced rate of diabetes and a significant weight loss. While the study doesn’t definitively prove that this increase of fats was the sole cause, it has warranted further exploration by researchers.

This supports a shift in the health community’s opinion on how fats can be beneficial to our diets. Saturated fats are no longer seen as the reason our country is suffering an obesity epidemic. Far from it. They’re an important part of our bodily function as well as making us feel ‘full’ after eating, leading to a decreased appetite. The more satiated we feel after a meal, the fewer sugary carbohydrates we eat. The result? We don’t gain weight.

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