Ginger and Cinnamon Tea

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During the cold season wrap yourself up in this homemade Ginger and Cinnamon Tea. 

Ginger is a potent flowering plant that originated in China. Often referred to as ginger root. While ginger root may be most known for its peppery flavor, it has a long history of various forms of alternative medicine. Ginger can aid with digestion, reduce nausea and help fight the common cold, making it a great addition to the cold season. 

Similarly, cinnamon’s medicinal use dates back thousands of years. As far back as Ancient Egypt. Fun fact, it used to be rare and valuable and was regarded as a gift fit for kings.

Both ginger and cinnamon are known as warming herbs

We hope this recipe warms up your home and your body. Enjoy!


  • 4 slices of ginger root
  • 1 cinnamon stick or a dash of cinnamon powder

Prep time:  10 minutes



  • Boil two cups of water and add ginger and cinnamon.
  • Let steep 10 minutes.
  • Bonus: Triple the ingredients and make a large pot of Ginger, Cinnamon Tea. Enjoy throughout the day!

(Courtesy of TCM World Foundation)

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