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Holistic Healing for the People of Redmond, WA

Situated amidst the dynamic pulse of King County, Redmond is celebrated for its technological innovation, verdant parks, and bustling urban centers. Known worldwide as the home of tech giants, the residents of Redmond seamlessly blend modern advancements with a commitment to wellness and health. The Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. is honored to offer its comprehensive services to the denizens of Redmond, ensuring that they have easy access to the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.

Redmond’s close proximity to our clinic ensures that pioneering health approaches, from acupuncture and herbal medicine to nutritional guidance, are just a short journey away. We deeply understand the distinct health needs and lifestyles of those living in this tech-driven hub and aim to tailor our treatments to resonate with their unique challenges and rhythms.

Why Redmond Residents Choose
Acupuncture & Wellness Center


Conveniently located for community residents, making regular sessions stress-free.


Benefit from Robert Doane’s wealth of knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Personalized Care

Individualized treatment plans addressing the community’s specific health concerns.

Natural Therapies

Embrace holistic treatments without relying heavily on pharmaceutical interventions.

Our Expert
Robert Doane EAMP, L.AC., DIPL, C.H.

Expert Serving the Redmond area

In the realm of traditional Chinese medicine, Robert Doane stands out not only for his vast knowledge but also for his pioneering techniques — notably, DNA ACUPUNCTURE® and Medical Pulse Diagnosis (MPD®). These innovative methods have solidified his reputation as a global authority in the field. Remarkably, individuals from all corners of the world seek out his expertise, willing to journey great distances to benefit from his unparalleled skills. For the residents of Redmond, WA, this world-class care is just a stone’s throw away. Redmond’s community is indeed fortunate to have direct access to Robert’s acclaimed treatments, which amalgamate age-old traditions with cutting-edge methodologies. Time and time again, people from various backgrounds, including many from Redmond, WA, attest to the transformative impact of Robert Doane’s treatments on their well-being.

Our Services For The
Redmond Community

Acupuncture, an age-old pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has long been sought for its profound effects on holistic health. At Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. this practice is more than just the insertion of fine needles; it’s a precise art and science that brings balance, rejuvenation, and a sense of overall wellness. The center’s professionals are meticulously trained, ensuring that every session is tailored to address individual needs. The unique blend of time-tested techniques with modern understandings ensures the best outcomes. For the residents of Redmond this means that they have access to world-class acupuncture services right in their backyard. The center’s commitment to merging ancient wisdom with contemporary practices makes it an unparalleled hub for all seeking relief, relaxation, and a reinvigorated sense of well-being in the Redmond region.

Embracing the essence of nature and its therapeutic properties, the Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. offers Herbal Medicine as a cornerstone of its holistic treatments. Sourced from nature’s bounty, these medicinal herbs serve as potent remedies to a spectrum of ailments, addressing root causes rather than just symptoms. Every herbal prescription is carefully curated, ensuring it aligns perfectly with an individual’s constitution and specific health needs. Redmond, WA’s residents no longer have to look far to experience the profound benefits of Herbal Medicine. The center’s dedication to quality, authenticity, and personalized care means that the people of Redmond have direct access to treatments that harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, helping them embark on a journey towards optimal health.

A cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Pulse Diagnosis® is an intricate method used to gauge the health of various organ systems. At Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S., this diagnostic technique is honed to perfection, allowing practitioners to delve deep into the underlying causes of a patient’s health concerns. Every pulse conveys a story, a glimpse into the body’s internal workings, which the trained professionals at the center skillfully interpret. For residents of Redmond, WA, this means access to an age-old diagnostic technique that blends tradition with precision, offering insights that many conventional methods might overlook. The Acupuncture & Wellness Center’s, P.S., unwavering commitment to authenticity and efficacy ensures that Redmond’s community can experience comprehensive health evaluations, bridging the ancient and the modern for a holistic understanding of well-being.

Recognizing that nourishment goes beyond just satiating hunger, the Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. provides comprehensive nutritional guidance services. Rooted in the philosophy that food can be medicine, the center helps individuals understand their unique dietary needs, ensuring optimal health and vitality. By analyzing individual health patterns, preferences, and conditions, tailored advice is offered, ensuring that dietary choices support overall well-being. For those in Redmond, WA, this means having a trusted partner in their quest for a balanced, healthful lifestyle. Combining ancient wisdom with contemporary nutritional science, the center provides Redmond residents with actionable insights, helping them make informed food choices that uplift their health and overall well-being.

The journey to a healthier weight is often riddled with challenges, but with the right guidance, it transforms into a fulfilling path to vitality. At Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. the weight loss program is not just about shedding pounds; it’s about holistic well-being, understanding one’s body, and adopting sustainable practices. By integrating acupuncture, nutritional guidance, and other holistic modalities, the center provides a comprehensive approach to weight management. For those in Redmond, WA striving for a healthier weight, this center emerges as a beacon of hope, offering personalized strategies that align with individual needs and lifestyles. Every weight loss journey is unique, and the center’s dedicated professionals ensure that Redmond residents receive the support, knowledge, and tools they need to achieve their health goals sustainably.

The pursuit of holistic well-being can seem daunting, yet with expert guidance, it blossoms into a journey towards enriched vitality and balance. At Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S., the wellness programs are about more than mere treatments; they epitomize a comprehensive approach to health, promoting an intricate understanding of the body’s needs and teaching sustainable well-being practices. Drawing upon a rich tapestry of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the programs seamlessly integrate acupuncture, nutritional insights, and a myriad of holistic modalities, presenting a multifaceted approach to overall health. For the residents of Redmond, WA seeking a deeper connection to holistic health, this center stands as a sanctuary of rejuvenation and learning. The center’s commitment is evident in its personalized strategies, tailored to resonate with individual health aspirations and lifestyles. Every wellness journey is distinct, and the dedicated team at the center is unwavering in its mission to equip Redmond residents with the knowledge, tools, and support they require to navigate their path to lasting health and harmony.

Beauty, as they say, is more than skin deep. Cosmetic acupuncture, offered at the Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. stands testimony to this adage. This non-invasive treatment goes beyond superficial beauty enhancements, aiming to rejuvenate from within, resulting in a natural glow that mirrors internal health. Harnessing the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, cosmetic acupuncture addresses the root causes of skin concerns, from aging signs to imbalances, providing a holistic beauty solution. Redmond, WA residents can now embrace a beauty treatment that aligns with the rhythms of nature and their own bodies, right in their locale. The Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. is dedicated to offering Redmond’s community a beauty solution that is as much about internal health as it is about external radiance, ensuring a harmonious blend of vitality and aesthetics.

Conditions We Treat For The Redmond Community

The intricate dance between the mind and body forms the essence of our well-being, making mental health an indispensable part of holistic health. At the Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. the approach to mental health conditions transcends mere symptom management, delving deep into the roots of conditions like anxiety, depression, and stress. Through time-tested techniques that merge ancient wisdom with contemporary understanding, the center crafts therapeutic regimens tailored to individual needs. For the community of Redmond, WA, this means access to compassionate care that recognizes the profound interconnectedness of mental and physical health, providing a sanctuary where both can flourish.

The body’s ability to recognize and protect itself is a marvel of nature, but sometimes, this system falters, leading to autoimmune diseases. The Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. offers a comprehensive approach to these conditions, focusing on restoring balance and harmony within the body. Using techniques rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the center aids Redmond, WA residents in navigating the challenges of autoimmune disorders, offering relief and improved quality of life. By understanding the body’s internal dynamics and leveraging natural therapies, the center provides a haven for those seeking holistic approaches to autoimmune care in Redmond.

The debilitating grip of headaches and migraines can overshadow the joys of daily life. At the Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. the aim is not just symptom relief, but a deeper exploration into the triggers and underlying causes of these conditions. By blending age-old techniques with modern insights, the center offers the people of Redmond, WA a holistic respite from recurrent headaches and migraines. Each therapeutic session is a step towards reclaiming clarity and tranquility, ensuring that the vibrant community of Redmond can lead fulfilling lives, unburdened by persistent pain.

Breath is the rhythm of life, and any disruption in this vital function can profoundly impact overall health. The Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. with its holistic approach, serves as a beacon for those grappling with respiratory conditions. By harnessing the potent techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the center offers the residents of Redmond, WA, tailored treatments that address the root causes of respiratory issues. This integrative approach ensures that every breath is a testament to vitality, allowing the community of Redmond to embrace life with renewed vigor.

Skin, our protective shield, often mirrors our internal health. Conditions affecting the skin, from eczema to acne, can be distressing, but at the Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. the approach to skin diseases is holistic and profound. Drawing from the depths of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the center offers bespoke treatments that not only alleviate symptoms but also address underlying imbalances. The community of Redmond, WA, can now find solace in treatments that view skin health as an integral part of overall well-being, ensuring a radiant exterior that reflects internal harmony.

The intertwined challenges of obesity and Type II diabetes represent a health crisis that demands a holistic, multi-faceted approach. At the Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. the journey to manage and overcome these conditions is rooted in understanding the body’s unique dynamics and crafting personalized therapeutic regimens. By integrating acupuncture, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle recommendations, the center emerges as a cornerstone of support for Redmond, WA residents. Through each session, the center paves the path towards sustainable health transformations, ensuring that the vibrant community of Redmond thrives in the face of these modern health challenges.

If you haven’t found your specific condition listed above, don’t be discouraged. Our “Conditions Treated” page provides a more extensive list of the ailments we address at the Acupuncture & Wellness Center. Additionally, every individual’s health journey is unique, and we understand that. If you have questions or are uncertain about how we can assist with your particular condition, please don’t hesitate to call our office. Our dedicated team is here to discuss your health concerns and guide you on the path to well-being.

Directions to Our Facility

Written Directions:

  1. Get on WA-520 W
  2. Take I-405 S, I-5 S, WA-16 W and WA-3 N to WA-305 S in Poulsbo. T
  3. Take the WA-305 S exit from WA-3 N
  4. Continue on WA-305 S. Drive to 8th Ave NE

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