Researchers Detect Strong Link Between Chronic Pain and Cardiac Disease

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An increasing number of Americans each year are being diagnosed with heart disease. Many factors are linked to this rising demographic – namely, the misconception that fat is a leading cause in cardiac dysfunction. However new research indicates something entirely different: a strong connection between chronic pain and an increased risk of cardiac disease.  

The study, published in the The Clinical Journal of Pain, saw researchers analyse data from 8596 adults in England who were surveyed in a population health study. Researchers looked at those adults with cardiac diseases such as angina and compared them to those adults who also suffered persistent pain for three months or more.

Results of their close examination show that participants in the study who reported chronic pain were also more likely to experience cardiac disease than those without pain.  The more severe the chronic pain, the greater the chance of that participant acquiring cardiac illness later in life. These conclusions also took into account the usage of anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs: the dosage of those prescriptions did not affect the risk of cardiac disease.

While this may cause alarm in some, it’s potentially a wake-up call for many Americans who try to ignore sustained pain and “get on with” life regardless. Some pain is manageable – yet all pain is indicative of a dysfunction within the body. In short? You shouldn’t be feeling it. Prescription drugs such as opioids are currently the main mode of treatment through a medical doctor, however the side-effects of those damaging drugs are lengthy. Opioids have been proven to actually prolong chronic pain.

Chronic pain can be treated with TCM, and in particular, regular acupuncture sessions give excellent results. The U.S. military is beginning to treat more of its servicemen with acupuncture to specifically target chronic pain.

Researchers recommend that future studies in this area “should focus on determining whether reducing the impact of chronic pain can improve cardiac health.”

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