Singapore Spends $3 Million on Traditional Chinese Medicine Research

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Singapore plans to invest $3 million in research to determine how Traditional Chinese Medicine can aid its elderly citizens.

This significant spend comes at the behest of the country’s Health Minister Gam Kim Yong. Speaking at an international conference to discuss the modernisation of Chinese medicine, Yong says he believes the country’s future health concerns can be addressed with acupuncture.

More and more people in Singapore are able to turn to TCM for help with chronic pain and stroke rehabilitation, due to TCM treatment being available at public hospitals. In order to meet the rising demand for holistic medicine, it will require a few additional steps, according to Yong.

First and foremost is the integration of education, clinical practice and research. How might this be achieved? The Health Minister suggests that it’s the work of the TCM community that will bring those tenets together, through strengthened academic research and cooperation. The $3 million earmarked by the government is to encourage and foster new collaborative research efforts:

“The focus of such research initiatives should be on conditions which are prevalent in Singapore, such as chronic diseases. TCM professionals can work alongside medical colleagues to improve patient outcomes. I encourage the healthcare community to form effective partnerships to conduct such research,” he said.

While the United States has yet to make public the amount – if any – it spends of taxpayers’ money on TCM, the military has introduced TCM health care options across a number of its sites.

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