Strokes Are On The Rise Again In The US

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For the last fifty years the amount of Americans who died from stroke has been on the decline, yet a new federal study shows progress on preventing stroke deaths has now stalled.

“The risk profile in the US has changed, and changed significantly,” says Quanhe Yang, senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and lead author of the new report, Vital Signs. “This is a wake-up call.”

Yang and his colleagues analysed data from death certificates to locate any patterns related to stroke deaths. While the overall news is good – stroke-related deaths have decreased considerably since 2000 for those aged 35 and over – overall mortality rates caused by strokes has plateaued.

Around 800,000 Americans suffer stroke each year due to the shifting patterns of ill health. The CDC reports that every 40 seconds someone in the US has a stroke. That’s around 800,000 Americans each year, and one-sixth of those survive with serious disability. This high number of strokes is mainly due to shifting patterns of ill health.

High blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity, are all key risk factors causing a decline in health, and they’re sadly becoming more prevalent in younger people. The longer people live with these conditions, the more likely they are to have a stroke. Recent studies this year show younger people are having more heart attacks, also.

“If we don’t get the control of those risk factors,” Yang says, “more people will die from stroke unnecessarily.” It’s estimated that 80% of strokes are completely preventable if people become pro-active in getting healthy.

Preventable diseases cost the US around $210 billion each year in health spending – with high blood pressure, diabetes and back and neck pain being the most expensive. Not only can these avoidable diseases lead to stroke, but being obese and having Type 2 diabetes greatly raises your chance of contracting liver cancer. As well as becoming more physically active, consuming less sugar and salt, studies show that reducing carbohydrate intake can greatly lessen a person’s risk of diabetes.

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