TCM Cancer Care

How Can Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Support Cancer Care?

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Every TCM clinic at some point is faced with trying to help a cancer patient. Usually our help is an adjunct therapy to either chemotherapy or radiation. Occasionally a patient […]

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chinese herbs for fatigue

How Chinese Medicine Understands Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Are you pouring that third cup of coffee wondering why you’re still tired? Even after getting a good nights rest several nights in row, you can’t seem to stop yawning. […]

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Stay Healthy During Summer with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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We are welcoming summer on June 21st. The turn of the year creates the longest and warmest days. So much joy fills this time of year while you are out […]

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What To Do About Allergies?

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I think it is safe to say that approximately 80% of the patients that we treat in our clinic have allergies. Other than back pain, it is the most common ailment we treat.

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