The 8 Things Every Man Needs To Know



By Bob Doane

8.  Live a regular life style with regular times for working, eating, sleeping and exercise. Erratic habit patterns are draining to the overall vitality of a man.  Remember the oldest people in the world usually relate that they lived a very orderly life without too much change in their daily habits.

7.  Do not eat a lot of food.  Keep the food intake to a small amount and remember to eat animal protein regularly.   99% of the body is made of water, fat and protein and to restrict it in the diet is a grave mistake.  Hunter-gatherer societies in the world lived much healthier lives and longer ones too.  The stone age man lived an average of 60 years.  Once the world began to farm approximately 10,000 years ago the health and longevity of mankind crashes to an average of 30 years.  Living exclusively on carbohydrates is a bad idea.

6. Keep sex to a moderate amount.  If you are in your 50’s then two times a week is enough. Loss of semen is very tiring to a man as it represents the very essence of life itself and takes a great deal of vital energy to restore once it is used.  Those who involve themselves in excessive sex look far older than their chronological age.  Moderation is the key.

5.  Exercise regularly but do not involve yourself in competitive aerobic sports, such as bicycling racing, marathon running, or any activity which requires a great deal of excessive pumping of the heart.  Remember the heart is meant to pump about 5 quarts of blood at a time.  In a marathon race it is pumping 15 quarts and this puts enormous strain on the pump.  Research shows that extreme aerobic sports damage the ventricles of the heart.

4.  Do everything in your power to avoid pharmaceutical drugs.  Americans consume over half of the world’s production of pharmaceutical drugs.  We consume 80% of the world’s production of pain killers.  We have the second highest per capita visits to the doctor of any country in the world.  Last year 87% of all adults in America saw a doctor.  What is the result?  America just dropped to the 40th place in the world in longevity.  The citizens of nearly every country in Europe live longer than Americans.  This is disgraceful.  Why?  The medical establishment has all kinds of creative excuses which usually involve blaming patients. The obvious remains unstated. Western medicine is destroying our health.  Why?  The reason is that we have taken a brilliant trauma medicine and are now trying to sell it to an unwitting public as a health medicine.  Anyone who has ever listened to a drug advertisement knows how ludicrous this is.  Most of your personal doctors are not even taking the drugs they give out to everyone else.  Before you start swallowing the ubiquitous flow of chemicals emanating from the hands of doctors do everything you can to solve your health problems in a natural way.  Yes, in some cases we have to have drugs, but certainly not at the current levels of consumption in this country.  One of the most common side effects of almost every drug is fatigue.  Do you think something that causes fatigue will make you stronger and more vital?  Be wary of the promises of health through the daily and life-long swallowing of chemicals produced in labs, whose chemical composition is so bizarre the body cannot recognize or process them at all.  These drugs are completely foreign to the body and are found nowhere in nature. Use discretion and educate yourself on your full range of options before submitting to a regimen that will slowly drain away your vitality.

3.  Practice some form of deep relaxation.  Meditation, yoga, and quiet prayer have very good effects on the body.  These techniques, practiced properly, will lower the metabolic rate, relax smooth muscles and increase circulation.  In 1973 I was tested by a French physiologist by the name of Dr. Banquet.  Dr. Banquet spent several days measuring all kinds of physiological changes in my body during periods of deep meditation.  What he found is that within 15 minutes of my meditation my metabolic rate, as measured by oxygen consumption, dropped an average of 28%.  This is remarkable because even at the deepest point of deep sleep the metabolic rate only drops about 8%.  He also found that peripheral blood flow in my extremities increase up to three times from normal due to the enormous relaxation I was experiencing.  Deep meditation is very good for your health and if you are not practicing something like this regularly I urge you to do so. 

2.  Stay rested.  Do not get overly tired.  If I write a prescription for all my patients that simply told them to go to bed at 8 every evening and sleep a good 10 hours most of their problems would go away within three months.  The oldest person in the world today is a 113 year old man living in Japan. He was interviewed recently and was asked to reveal any secrets he had of longevity.  He said two things. He never ate very much and he spent a great deal of time resting.  This is probably not what you want to hear but Americans need to be told the importance of sleep and repose.  It is very good for regenerating the human body.

1.  A spiritual direction in life is essential.  The patients in my clinic who do the best always have a strong faith; those who don’t usually struggle with their lives and their health.  There is great peace to be found in this world, and I can assure you it is not in a political point of view, no matter how altruistic.  Inner happiness is pure health itself.  An ancient Chinese Medical text from 2000 years ago states this very clearly: “Disease begins with loss of contact with divinity”.  As a society so caught up in itself, this practice is very important, not only for our own health but for the health of our society.

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