The Intersection of Health and Wisdom: Thoughts on Meditation

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Nothing can be more valuable to one’s health than regular meditation. To meditate regularly means at least 20 minutes of quiet practice two times a day. I have been meditating regularly for over 43 years. I can attest to its profound impact on one’s life.

I consider all the success I have had in my life to my meditation practice. Most people think they do not have time for meditation, but I know this to be a false judgment.

I owned and operated my own television station.

I started three oil brokerage businesses from scratch in Texas and I now own the largest Chinese Medical clinic in the United States. Through these 31 years of business activities I have never missed a day of meditation. Therefore, if I can meditate every day then anyone can find the time to meditate.

In my opinion almost all disease is the result of fatigue held in the body for a long period of time.

Sleeping alone is not a sufficient enough rest to eliminate the deep-rooted stress and tiredness that accumulates over time from the arduous activity known as life.

Meditation, done properly, can produce a profound state of rest in the body, a rest that is much more profound than the rest experienced in deep sleep. At the deepest point of deep sleep the metabolic rate drops about 8%.

During deep meditation the metabolic rate drops 28% on average.

This finding was discovered in a scientific research project in 1974 by a French Scientist, Dr. Jean Paul Banquet. Dr. Banquet tested the drop in metabolic rate in deep meditation on a group of meditators under laboratory conditions. I was one of those meditators. During a twenty minute period of meditation my metabolic rate, as measured by oxygen consumption, dropped an astounding 28 to 30 percent in one meditation session.

In other words, during meditation, it is possible to receive 3 times the intensity of rest than one would experience even at the deepest point of deep sleep. What happens when the body experiences such a profound state of rest? The deep-rooted fatigue, stress, and damage done to the body over time finally have a chance to be expunged from the system.

It is during deep rest that the body rejuvenates itself. In deep mediation the rejuvenation is profound!

Many of my patients have asked me over the years how I can work non-stop 13 hours a day, with no breaks. The answer is two things.

First, regular meditation.

Second, Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Meditation, done properly, can confer an extraordinary level of vitality in a human being

There are a number of forms of meditation. However, the contemplative type, i.e. thinking nice thoughts produces the least dramatic effect. The most profound forms of meditation are found deep inside the Christian monastic faith. This type of prayer is called the Jesus Prayer or the Internal Prayer of the Heart.

This technique produces extraordinary results. The best description of this style of meditation can be found by reading the book, “The Way of the Pilgrim”. For those of the Christian faith this book will be enormously inspiring and will introduce one to the joys of deep meditation.

If someone is not of the Christian faith but wants to experience the wondrous health benefits of deep meditation I invite them to learn and practice Transcendental Meditation. This technique definitely works and has helped millions of people. There are other styles of meditation, but they do not produce the deep state of rest that I am referring to.

Please consider practicing meditation. It will be one of the most rewarding activities in your life and it will create a level of health you never thought possible.

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