Top 4 Acupuncture Health News During Quarantine

Acupuncture can be beneficial for your wellbeing and managing your stress levels. Whether it’s pre-pandemic, during the pandemic, or post-pandemic.

There was a period during the initial outbreak that no one was thinking of acupuncture. As the stress-levels rose individuals needed an outlet. And that’s where acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine continues to show its healing benefits. Including the after-affects of stress, migraines, insomnia, and weight-loss during quarantine.

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 4 Latest Acupuncture News and Articles during this time of shelter-in-place.

1. “Acupuncture Eases COVID-19 Provider Stress”

Frontline COVID-19 healthcare workers are facing an overwhelming amount of emotions due to the amount of work they are facing.

They endure stresses, depression, exhaustion, and general anxiety on a daily basis. On top of their clinical needs, they feel the worry that they and their family members may be at risk of infection due to workplace exposure.

To better support healthcare workers, this study used acupuncture to see any changes in psychological stresses.

The preliminary results showed that after ten days of treatment, negative emotions such as tension and anxiety decreased enough to make an impact.

While the study was small, it shows the great potential that Chinese medicine and acupuncture can have not only to frontline workers but others experiencing similar psychological stresses.

2. “I Tried Virtual Acupuncture For My Quarantine Migraines”

Writer Kaitlyn Wylde takes us through her journey of what virtual acupuncture actually looks like.

From communicating through Zoom with her acupuncturist, all the way down to her results,

“I did feel as though my migraine had loosened up a bit. After my first experience with acupuncture, I can see the benefit of doing it in person; I kept finding myself wanting to surrender to the treatment. While I did feel better after my nap, I’m confident I would’ve been more comfortable if I were able to see Mavros in person.”

While she explains that it wasn’t quite like in-person, she did feel results and she can’t wait to join her acupuncturist at the clinic.

3. “Acupuncture Improves Sleep, Melatonin Levels in Pregnancy-Related Insomnia”

While women are pregnant all the time, and COVID-19 has no results on pregnancy, we can imagine that giving birth during this time can be an added stress or cause a few more sleepless nights.

According to this study, nearly half of pregnant women suffer from poor quality sleep. Poor sleep is associated with an increased risk of preterm delivery and postnatal depression.

To be even more precise with the study some women randomly received 10 sessions of acupuncture treatment, another random set of women received sleep hygiene education, and another set of randomly selected women received fake acupuncture.

The results? Women received real acupuncture sessions experienced improved sleep resulting in a change of their melatonin levels. Melatonin is a hormone associated with sleep.

4. “Acupuncture Could Help You Lose Weight Thanks To Its Mood-Enhancing Benefits”

Can acupuncture really help you lose weight? Well, according to this study yes! But as Daniel Hsu, licensed acupuncturist and founder of New York AcuHealth Acupuncture, says, “It doesn’t make fat melt off of your body.”

The way it works? It reduces stress and increases feelings of happiness, which may indirectly help a person more effectively pursue weight-loss goals.

If weight-loss is one of your goals, ensure that your acupuncturist can recommend a holistic approach to your goals. At Acupuncture & Wellness Center, we provide patients with nutritional guidance and Chinese herbs to support your weight loss journey.

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If you were thinking of trying acupuncture for your well-being pre-pandemic, rest assured that the benefits are still there! According to the National Institute of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, acupuncture can be helpful for chronic pain, stress, and various other symptoms.

We are always here to provide you the latest acupuncture news and stay updated on the best treatment plans.

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