Type 2 Diabetes, High BMI Linked To Increased Risk For Liver Cancer

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With approximately 700,000 new cases of liver cancer diagnosed each year globally, this latest piece of research in Cancer Journal indicates three pre-existing conditions that may be the cause of that large number. Researchers say the biggest factors that increase a person’s likelihood of liver cancer are:

* A high body mass index (BMI)

* Type 2 diabetes and

* An increased waist circumference

Along with a team of researchers, Peter Campbell, strategic director of Digestive System Cancer Research at the American Cancer Society studied a sample of U.S. adults taken from a variety of different studies. They consolidated data from 1.57 million adults enrolled in 14 different U.S.-based prospective studies. At enrollment, participants completed questionnaires related to their height, weight, alcohol intake, tobacco use, and other factors potentially related to cancer risk. None of them had cancer at time of enrollment.

“We found that each of these three factors was associated, robustly, with liver cancer risk. All three relate to metabolic dysfunction,” he said. “This adds substantial support to liver cancer being on the list of obesity-associated cancers… Liver cancer isn’t simply related to excess alcohol intake and viral hepatitis infection.”

Obesity in the U.S. is on the rise, along with skyrocketing numbers of Americans being diagnosed with diabetes every year. It’s not hard to spot the correlation between those statistics and, to take one example, the hidden sugars in supposedly healthy food items. Now that there’s evidence the obesity and diabetes epidemic can raise a person’s chance of contracting yet another life-threatening disease, there’s never been a better time to take control of your nutrition.

Campbell adds that rates of liver cancer have tripled in the U.S. since the 1970s. Perhaps this is linked to the sugar lobby’s manipulation of research around that time.  The manipulated research suppressed evidence of sugar’s damning effects on health.

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