The Truth About Weight Loss

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Bookstores and magazines are filled today with every conceivable form of diet and weight loss schemes. The purpose of this week’s blog is to shed some light on weight loss, and in particular, what works and what doesn’t.

Weight loss

First of all, anyone can lose weight by simply limiting their caloric intake to less than 1000 calories a day. Add a little exercise and most people can lose weight. The problem occurs when you start eating again. Immediately you start gaining the weight back. The problem with this approach is that it sets the metabolism at a lower rate and as soon as you increase your caloric intake the body has more difficulty burning off the increase in calories due to the lower set rate for the metabolism. This approach is what gives weight loss a bad name because it doesn’t work in the long run.

Best way to lose weight

A more reliable approach is based on the body’s hormone system. The master hormone which tells the body to make fat, or cholesterol, is insulin. The pancreas secretes insulin when the body senses sugar in the blood stream. This means that whenever we eat food which breaks down into sugar quickly, the pancreas immediately secretes insulin to grab the sugar, as it were, and pull the glucose into the cells for use as energy.  Whatever is not used as energy is then stored in the body as fat. In addition, insulin is the master hormone which actually commands the body to make fat. It turns out that only 30% of the cholesterol in our body is ingested.  The body, through the secretion of insulin and its fat creating affect on the body, makes the other 70%. This means that a food or food group that breaks into sugar quickly will turn the body into a fat producing factory.

Best diet plan

What foods break into sugar quickly, causing a large insulin production? Simple carbohydrates which include refined grains, fruit, candy, cakes, sweets, pasta, bread, & potatoes, as well as sweet drinks, including vegetable juice. These types of food literally force the body to make fat.

To make the body burn fat we have to eat food, which forces the pancreas to secrete a hormone called glucagon. The pancreas secretes glucagon when amino acids are found in the blood stream. The only food group that breaks into amino acids is, you guessed it, protein. This means that when we eat protein the pancreas is forced to secrete glucagons and this hormone forces the body to burn fat. The exact opposite of the effect of insulin!

Weight loss tips

What does it all mean? Quite simply if you want to lose weight, and to lose it consistently and effectively, without gaining it back, then eat each meal with the intention of producing more glucagons than insulin. This can be done by eating animal protein with each meal, limiting your carbohydrate intake to complex carbohydrates such as green vegetables, and minimizing to as little as possible simple carbohydrates as listed above. This will restore the body’s normal weight, will give the body its proper muscle tone, and will also give you a lot of time released energy rather than the energy surges one gets from living off sugar and sugary foods.

This approach works very well. In our clinic some patients have lost over 100 pounds and continue to keep the weight off by eating sensibly. This simply means no sugar based meals. This type of eating is not a diet. It is a recipe for a healthy life style. The fear that your cholesterol will go up is unfounded. What does go up is the good cholesterol and what go down are excess triglycerides.

Protein diet

And what about fat? It turns out that fat is glucagons/insulin neutral so it does not affect the bodies fat making or burning capabilities. This means that fat is not the bad actor as it has been portrayed. Obviously one shouldn’t eat large amounts of fat.  However, fat in moderation is good for you. Since the body is made of mostly fat and protein, consuming these kinds of food are good for the body as a whole. What is bad for the body is to consume “fat free” foods, which simple makes the food dissolve into sugar more quickly. Fat and cellulose are what slow down the breakdown of a carbohydrate into sugar. Fat-free food is just another form of eating sugar, which will surely turn your body into a fat producing one.  Stay away from the low fat food. Eat real food, mostly protein and vegetables, and keep the simple carbohydrates to a minimum if you want to stay trim and healthy.

Weight management

In our clinic we approach weight loss in the following way. The first thing we do is put the weight loss client on a two week cleanse. This is a caloric reduction approach to jump-start the weight loss process. With the initial loss of weight we then have the client eat protein dominant meals to steadily burn the fat off of the body. When the patient reaches their target weight goal we then have the patient widen their food choices out a little but without turning each meal into a sugar fest.  This approach has worked very well for hundreds of patients. If you are interested give us a call and we will give you a free consultation to explain our approach.

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