Robert Doane

Dive deep into Acupuncture & Wellness Center’s roots, located in the Seattle, WA area, where time-honored traditions meet cutting-edge techniques.

Introducing Robert Doane

With a genuine passion for holistic health and decades of experience under his belt, Robert Doane stands as a knowledgeable figure in the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His commitment to the ancient wisdom of TCM, combined with a modern understanding of anatomy and physiology, has solidified his reputation as a trusted and revered practitioner in the wellness community.

In the realm of holistic medicine, Robert stands out not only for his vast knowledge but also for his compassionate approach to healing. Every patient he encounters is treated as a unique individual, with distinct needs and stories. Through a blend of deep listening, intuitive understanding, and technical skill, Robert crafts a healing experience that addresses both the physical symptoms and the underlying causes. Robert Doane’s dedication to his craft is not merely a profession; it’s a calling that has transformed countless lives.

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Pioneering Techniques

Robert Doane’s commitment to enhancing the practice of acupuncture birthed his signature technique – DNA ACUPUNCTURE®. This innovative approach involves placing needles at locations distant from the site of the symptoms. While this may appear unconventional, each needle placement is meticulously chosen based on deep-rooted principles. For instance, addressing shoulder pain might involve positioning needles in areas like the wrists, ankles, or even the knees. The beauty of DNA ACUPUNCTURE® lies in its almost immediate soothing effects, providing relief to patients in a way that seamlessly blends tradition with modern understanding.

Another cornerstone of Robert Doane’s expertise is the practice of Medical Pulse Diagnosis (MPD®). Rooted in ancient Chinese medical practices, MPD® involves a detailed assessment of the pulse to diagnose imbalances within the body. It’s not just about detecting the pulse rate; it’s an intricate art of understanding its rhythm, volume, depth, and width. This detailed analysis allows for a deeper insight into the patient’s health, revealing underlying issues that might go unnoticed in conventional medical assessments. Robert’s proficiency in MPD® has set new standards in the field, showcasing the profound depth and breadth of traditional Chinese medicine.

Local and Global Recognition

People from all corners of the globe have sought out Robert’s expertise, testament to his reputation as a leader in the Traditional Chinese Medicine community. From hosting international workshops to one-on-one consultations, Robert’s insights and methods have changed the lives of many, offering relief, rejuvenation, and a holistic approach to well-being.

While his impact reverberates globally, Robert’s heart remains firmly rooted in serving his local community. The Acupuncture & Wellness Center, P.S. under his leadership, continues to be a haven for those seeking natural and effective solutions to their health concerns. The blend of ancient wisdom, innovative techniques, and a deep understanding of individual needs makes every patient’s experience at the center transformative.

Published Author – Medical Pulse Diagnosis®

Book Description: It is clear that the majority of Chinese Medicine practitioners lack confidence in their ability to correctly diagnose and treat patient illness in the clinical setting. For most, this is not due to a lack of intelligence or motivation, but rather an educational approach that insufficiently develops the diagnostic skills necessary to navigate complex patient cases. All practitioners need effective diagnostic skills to navigate the clinical setting and treat complex patient cases. With dedicated practice, Medical Pulse Diagnosis® (MPD®) will rapidly increase your skill and success in the field of Chinese Medicine. After many years of learning and refinement through the experiences of high-volume patient practice, I am sharing what I believe is the most effective pulse diagnostic system in the world today. In this book, I will share the precise details of this unique system for determining the correct diagnosis of patient conditions. I will teach you how to develop the tactile sensitivity as well as the systematic logic that will guide correct pulse diagnosis and effective patient care. This text applies to all Chinese Medicine practitioners and provides clinical value to any biomedical healthcare practitioner seeking palpable insights into patient conditions. These methods have produced diagnostic accuracy concerning the health of over 30,000 patients and 500,000 patient visits in the last twenty-one years. My goal is to contribute this same level of diagnostic expertise to your clinical practice and your patients.